Anna Johansson is a creative based in Stockholm, working as an abstract artist, shoe designer, and Creative Director in fashion. Within a few years, she has created abstract pieces now hung worldwide, frequently featured in lifestyle and interior design magazines.

With minimalist, Scandinavian aesthetics, Anna works with calm tones within the natural color spectrum, textures, and subtle, soft surfaces. Her fascination with imperfect elements in polished contexts gives her work new dimensions. She describes her art as subdued, minimalistic, and sheer.

Anna graduated from The Swedish School of Textiles in 2014 with a BA in fashion and textile design. She has worked in the fashion industry for many years, parallelly working on her own pieces of paintings, sculptures, and digital art. The combination of making beautiful things for others to love and wear and making her own pieces gives her the balance she needs to create.

"It's almost like two worlds. One where you are expected to do beautiful things and another where it's just you setting the boundaries".