interview with herhour interviewed me about my job, fashion and trends.

Anna Johansson is originally from Smaland (south of Sweden) but is currently based in Stockholm where she works as creative director at the Swedish shoe company Flattered Studio.

She has previously worked in the design department for H&M and Filippa K, focusing on accessories, women’s wear and soft sports. In addition, Anna is freelancing with her abstract art sold at The Poster Club and Wall of Art and others. We cannot help but be inspired by Anna’s timeless and minimalist style and have therefore asked her about her particular style, her dream career as a little girl, beauty favourites and what a normal day at Flattered studio can look like.

One thing in your wardrobe that you will never get rid of?

A dark blue vintage blazer that I bought while living in New York a couple of years ago.

A moment you would like to experience again?

Actually, all the new ones I stood on the competition floor as little and got to dance. I danced for a lot of years and can miss it immensely.

Dream job as a child?

Architect or dancer. I have always been very creative in one way or another and always had the need to express myself, not verbally in the first place but more through my creation and my dance.

“I have always been very creative in one way or another and always had the need to express myself”

At the moment, are there any trends/styles that you love? Hate?

Right now, I’m in a state where I can’t decide if I love or hate laced boots. We’ll see what I come up within the collection AW19 going forward, haha. Otherwise, I love the minimalist, androgynous, slightly oversized jackets. Neat, very power and timeless.

Tell us how you ended up at Flattered

It started with a text message from my sister Elin. I remember it was a screenshot. Flattered was looking for someone who could take over responsibility for design and brand building. At this time, I felt that I did not have an outlet for the knowledge and ideas I had at my job. That experience and tradition were always valued higher than drive and innovation. So- I can’t have it like this, I felt. Getting stuck in such a culture would have been devastating to my development. So I applied and got the job! Flattered turned out to be an innovative workplace where people with open arms let me drive on. It has been a fantastic journey, with hard work and lessons learned. I have grown together with Flattered because, right from the start, I was given the opportunity to show what I can and test new things that I had never had the chance to do within a larger company.

“I have grown together with Flattered because right from the start, I was given the opportunity to show what I can do”

Who would play the lead in the movie about your life?

Maybe Nathalie Portman?

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

In 10 years, I’m still working in my creative world in one way or another. Most important to me is to maintain the lust and love of my creativity. Preferably full-time, on a self-employed basis. Maybe I have a few different projects in parallel that also extend into concept design and art. Then I prefer to spend time with my family of course.